10 Things Celebrity Chefs Won’t Tell You

The company just released a list of the most dangerous celebrity name searches. Cyrus isnt at the top of the list she ranks 20th but shes on there. Lily Collins (credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images) Lily Collins, star of Mirror, Mirror and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, tops the list as the most dangerous celeb to search for online. Emma Watson ranked highest last year. The danger lies in where the search leads you. Searching for Collins posed the biggest risk of landing on a malicious site, according to McAfee. The unknowing consumers are led to sites laden with malware that quickly steals passwords and personal information. The risk of landing on an insecure site is as high as 14.5 percent when searching for Collins. The Santa Clara-based company started compiling the list of actors, musicians, comedians and personalities 2007. Nine of the top 10 most dangerous celebrities to search for are women. Jon Hamm, star of Mad Men, is the lone male. Musicians make of 9 of the top 20 names, including Justin Timberlake at No. 12.

Can Small Businesses Really Afford Celebrity Endorsements?

(The top earner? Gordon Ramsay of Foxs Hells Kitchen fame, with $38 million.) Click to Play Little formal kitchen training, mediocre pots and pans, and overexposure are plaguing celebrity chefs. Charles Passy joins Lunch Break with a look at five things these rock stars of the food world are hiding from adoring fans. Photo: Getty Images. But there are signs that celebrity chefs may be waning in popularity. For starters, the Food Network, which marks its 20th anniversary this November, has lost some of its ratings luster: Viewership declined by 10% over the past season, according to the latest Nielsen figures. Moreover, in recent years, the network has struggled to find a new breakthrough star, media observers say. (And one of the last finds was Paula Deen, who rose to prominence around seven years ago but whose reputation took a major hit in 2013 when she admitted in a court deposition to using a racial slur. She was subsequently dropped by the network and also lost many of her endorsement deals.) The bottom line, say critics, is that celebrity chefs have become a dime-a-dozen form of entertainmenttheir numbers may have grown, but their star power has diminished. The celebrity chef market is saturated, says Arthur Gallego, a New York-based branding expert. Some industry insiders counter that its too early to say the celebrity chef trend has run its course. After all, the Food Network continues to pull in hundreds of thousands of viewers: In a recent conference call with analysts, Ken Lowe, president of Scripps Networks Interactive (the parent company of the Food Network and the Cooking Channel), pointed out that shows like Food Network Star and Mystery Diners have enjoyed recent double-digit gains in ratings.

Celebrity Names Dangerous For Web Security

Evan Morgenstein, President & CEO of CelebExperts , a company that helps businesses of all sizes secure the right celebrity spokespeople, says there is a misconception about the investment costs for celebrity endorsements. Almost 60% of the clients we work with each year are from emerging, start-up, or non-industry leading companies, brands and products, explains Evan. The misconception by most is that only the P&Gs, Johnson & Johnsons and Gatorades of the world can afford a celebrity spokesperson, but that isnt supported by our experience. The key to success, according to Evan, is to take the time to understand the business needs and budget in order to match the right celebrity to the requirements. The term celebrity has such a tremendously wide range of definitions from actors and athletes, to authors and adventurers, and even business titans, reality TV stars and musicians, explains Evan. Each category has its own pricing structure, but as a rule of thumb, if a persons fame has no way to sustain itself (like a reality TV contestant on a show like Survivor), you can expect fees to start at $5,000 while a celebrity from Iron Chef America may command $100,000 or more for the same marketing program. Tracking ROI Once a small business has set aside an adequate budget and defined the celebrity it wants to work with, the next obstacle is tracking the performance of the investment. Unfortunately, tracking ROI isnt perfect when it comes to celebrity endorsements. Most programs are impression-based, so tracking a solid ROI is possible, but tracking becomes more problematic in the gray area of branding, says Evan. If a celebrity is utilized to increase brand awareness beyond impressions, then polling a core demographic after the celebrity engagement may give the business indications of a viable ROI. In general, most companies expect that not everything in a celebrity-centric deal can be evaluated using traditional metrics. Celebrity Endorsements: The Good and the Bad Celebrity endorsements dont have to cost millions of dollars to be successful, but there are some types of celebrity endorsement campaigns that work better than others. Evan suggests, Most small business engagements revolve around two areas: PR and social media with PR being the most creative. Most importantly, remember that a celebrity endorsement can tie a celebrity to a brand in consumers minds for a very long time. Celebrity selection is critical, but if a celebritys actions damage the brand in any way, avoid simply replacing that celebrity with another celebrity. Its hard for a company to overcome negative hits to its brand based on a celebrity spokesperson campaign gone wrong, warns Evan.