Alice 97.3’s Now And Zen Summer Concert

City Creek Center is a great destination for locals and visitors to Salt Lake City

This years Now and Zen end of summer concert will feature awesome, big name artists like the Goo Goo Dolls, Plain White Ts, One Republic , and Walk Off the Earth. The concert talks place in Sharon Meadow in San Franciscos Golden Gate Park on Sunday, September 29. The concert starts at noon and runs until 5 pm, with gates opening at 11 am. In addition to great bands, there will also be activities, gourmet food vendors, specialty booths, games, and a ton of fun to be had by all. We recommend taking public transportation as the concert will be busy and street parking is limited. Take BART or Caltrain to the city and then hop on the N-Judah Muni and get off on Stanyan and Carl Streets. You can also take Muni buses #21, 7, 33, 66, or 77 and get off within blocks of the show. If you do drive, there is parking available at St. Marys Hospital on Fell Street or UCSF at Irving and Arguello. There will also be free bike parking if you choose to bike. What: Now and Zen concert Where: Sharon Meadow, JFK and Kezar Drive in San Francisco When: Sunday, September

13, draws musicians from around country jacob.jpg View/Post Comments Fifty to 60 musicians from around the country and overseas are expected to perform at a memorial service for Jacob Avshalomov, Oct. 13. The longtime former director of the Portland Youth Philharmonic died in April at the age of 94. He was the second director of the country’s oldest youth orchestra, leading it from 1954 to 1995. Musicians who played under Mr. A, as he was affectionately called, will perform a concert at Reed College’s Kaul Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 13. Players are flying in from Germany and other far-flung locations to play works by three generations of Avshalomov composers: Aaron, Jacob and David. Both of Avshalomov’s sons, David and Daniel, are professional musicians and will attend the concert. David is a conductor/composer and will conduct part of the concert; Daniel is violist in the American String Quartet and will sit in as principal viola. Doris Avshalomov, Jacob’s wife, may attend, as well. Mezzo-soprano Alyce Rogers, a favorite singer of Jacob Avshalomov, will also perform. David Hattner, PYP’s current music director, will also conduct the concert, which will end with Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis, an Avshalomov favorite. “The outpouring has been incredible,” Hattner said.

Concert promoter releases new Ottawa dates

13. Photograph by: Dave Martin , AP Ottawa promoter Spectra Sonicas fall concert lineup features some of the most interesting bands on the Canadian scene and beyond. The promoter released a list of new concert dates Monday. Among the highlights: a Toronto indie/dance sensations DIANA, who played this yearas Arboretum Festival, will headline Oct. 12 at Mavericks alongside local favorites Silkken Laumann and Black Usher. a Irish duo the Heathers return to Zaphod Beeblebrox, Oct. 25. a The all-female Weezer cover band, Sheezer (which features members of Our Lady Peace, By Divine Right, Hidden Cameras, The Bicyles and more) will drop in to Ritual with Boyhood and Elgin Skye, Nov. 1. a Juno Award-winning rapper Shad will perform an intimate club gig at Ritual with We Are The City, Nov. 8. a Vancouver quartet Said The Whale are also coming to Ritual, Nov. 13.

Battle events feature concert tonight

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