Boys Who Wear Pink Aren’t Just Internet Sensations

Fashion frenzy for dusty pink M&S coat: Oversized £85 ‘Duster’ style is already hottest High Street must-have of the season

The M&S Collection Duster Coat is a new season must-have and is selling out fast across the country

“I thought Thomas was crazy,” said Large, 44. “China has such a beautiful, classical, demure voice. I was more bluesy, gospel-y, rock ‘n’ roll, gruff not the environment Pink Martini thrives in. I was friends with China and Thomas, but I wasn’t a big fan of Pink Martini. I never really saw them perform. I really had to cram for my first gig at the Kennedy Center in 2011.” Large, who is also an actress and playwright, proved such a successful fit with the ensemble that Lauderdale asked her to stay on after Forbes returned. Both singers have several songs on “Get Happy.” “I believe Thomas is a brilliant curator of timeless music,” Large said. “I’m very spoiled by Pink Martini. Singing with them has expanded my repertoire and made me a better musician. They do such beautiful music. A lot of pop music today is for short attention spans and is all about being the most outrageous.” Pink Martini’s appeal is not confined to any one demographic. “When the band plays outdoors, I see teenagers and senior citizens out there,” Shapiro said.

I.75, widespread instances of polling stations where voting took place without prior biometric verification in breach of Regulation 30 (2) of C. I. 75, as well as widespread instances where there were the same serial numbers on pink sheets with different poll results, when the proper and due procedure established by the EC required that each polling station has a unique serial number in order to secure the integrity of the polls and the will of lawfully registered voters. The petitioners brought the petition under Article 64 of the 1992 Constitution; Section 5 of the Presidential Election Act, 1992 (PNDCL 285); and Rule 68 and 68 A of the Supreme Court (Amendment) Rules 2012, C.I. 74. Article 64(1) of the 1992 Constitution provides: The validity of the election of the President may be challenged only by a citizen of Ghana, who may present a petition for the purpose to the Supreme Court within twenty-one days after the declaration of the results of the election in respect of which the petition is presented. Article 64(2) says: A declaration by the Supreme Court that the election of the President is not valid shall be without prejudice to anything done by the President before the declaration.” Part VIII of the Supreme Court Rules Challenge Of Election of President, Rule 68 provides: A petition presented pursuant to Clause (I) of Article 64 of the Constitution shall state (a) the full name and address of the petitioner and of his counsel, if any, which shall be an address for service; (b) the grounds for challenging the validity of the election; (c) a statement of the facts relied on to be verified by affidavit, and of the law in support of the petition; (d) the number of witnesses to be called, if any; and (e) such other matters as the court may determine. Since the petitioners have alleged irregularities in 10,119 polling stations, the burden of proof is on them to prove each of the alleged infraction. At the close of the case, the petitioners argued that they had succeeded in producing a mountain of evidence, sufficient to discharge the burden of proof that the law placed on them and to obtain a decision in their favour. But President Mahama, the EC and the NDC refuted the claims and stated that the petitioners had failed to discharge their burden of proof. Two issues that the court set out for determination were whether or not there were statutory violations, omissions, irregularities and malpractices in the conduct of the elections held on December 7 and 8, 2012. It also ascertained whether or not the said violations, omissions, irregularities and malpractices (if any) affected the outcome of the results of the elections. Matters surrounding the actual number of pink sheets filed by the petitioners were so sensitive and controversial that the court had to eventually order for an audit to be conducted into the definite number of pink sheets filed at the Supreme Court registry in order to put the matter to rest.

Ghana wins pink sheets battle

(MORE: The Lesson of the Boy in the Pink Ballet Flats ) Ive watched these stories come out of nowhere and cause a massive public reaction. People either despise the mothers (and sometimes the kids) or they celebrate them. Theres rarely a voiced middle ground.And then, as quickly as they arrived, they disappear. But they arent one isolated cultural phenomenon after another, and they shouldnt be treated that way. They are brief glimpses into the lives of a few boys who are part of a much larger group that faces much bigger problems than the occasional insult during a shopping trip. As the mother of a gender-nonconforming boy, Im not so sure that turning them into miniature lightning rods is what they really need.Neither one event nor all of them as a collective whole has had the power to inspire and sustain a lasting conversation that raises awareness of, understanding about and acceptance for little boys who dont conform to traditional gender norms. (MORE: Manning Biographer: Media Should Respect the Trans Experience ) Gender variance or a transgender identity occurs in as many as one of every 500 births making it more common than childhood diabetes. Gender-nonconforming boys have the highest rate of suicide attempts in the worldand are three to six times more likely to suffer from major depression , addiction and unsafe sexual behaviors.More than 80% report being harassed at school and, even worse, many are harassed at home. Life can be dangerous for boys like my son. In her book Gender Born, Gender Made ,psychologist Diane Ehrensaft wrote, To be gender nonconforming is to risk being killed, but on a daily basis it more likely means being harassed, confused and misunderstood in the community There is no doubt that these children are among the ranks of minority individuals in our society who must anticipate bigotry and antipathy from those who either do not understand, are ill-informed, govern their thinking with myth rather than reality or project hatred onto those who are different from themselves. This population of at-risk children and their families are not getting the help, empathy, acceptance and support that they need because for a lot of people its easier to live with phobias than to get educated about sex, gender and sexuality. Often, those same people think that gender-nonconforming children should change the gender identity that they were born with which is as much a part of them as their eye color and handedness to avoid the problems that they face. I argue that its never the job of a child to make an adult feel comfortable and, as a society, we should be working to eradicate bullying behaviors, not the behaviors that prompted the bullying.

BlackBerry’s pink Q5 in Dubai, for boys

The M&S Collection Duster Coat is a new season must-have and is selling out fast across the country The light pink coat priced at 85 is part of the new collection- the first under its new style director, Belinda Earl- which was launched back in May. The high street giant did not stage a catwalk show like many of its counterparts but merely releasing a few photographs of the item sparked a flurry of interest. The coat arrives in shops today, in the colour of the season, a dusky blush pink, and the Marble Arch store in London already has a list of 100 customers expecting to be called. Lauren Santo Domingo, the New York socialite and founder of, says FOMO – fear of missing out- is behind the growth in waiting lists. She told a national newspaper: Being able to secure those potentially impossible-to-find items in advance actually supersedes the hysteria associated with frenzied bricks-and-mortar shopping. But the gratification of knowing youve already secured your dream wardrobe makes it all worth the wait. The 85 light pink coat is part of the first collection under new style director Belinda Earl Women are opting for quality high street clothes which they feel have as much cachet as designer labels, with the bonus of not bankrupting them. The waiting lists have also become increasingly popular due to the growth of the high street catwalk show and social media. During Whistles first catwalk show at London Fashion Week in February, fashion editors posted a flurry of pictures on Instagram and Twitter. Shoppers were able to see which items would be hitting their local high street in late August allowing them to plan ahead. By the time the high street chains new autumn collection arrived in store this week, there was a long list of people wanting their camouflage items. Meanwhile, high-end fashion is also reeling in the shoppers with a long waiting list for Christopher Kanes camouflage dress at Selfridges.

Pink Martini, the "little orchestra" with a wide-ranging repertoire of classy arrangements of vintage songs in several languages. Vocalist Storm Large, center; founder Thomas Lauderdale is seated at the piano to her right.

Great. But that isnt all. The company says that [t]o celebrate the launch of the new color, weve come up with five fun facts about the color pink. The first of those facts takes us back to the 19th century when the colour pink wasnt associated with girls but with boys Did you know that the color pink was not always associated with femininity? In the 19th century, pink was associated with boys as it was considered a stronger color as compared to blue, states the BlackBerry missive and for what its worth, also credits a source, the Smithsonian Mag for it. Now were not doubting the 19th century fact, but this is the 21st century for ringing out loud. The statement tries to further sell the colour pink through its facts: In Japan, the color pink is associated with spring only because the cherry blossoms that bloom in springtime are pink in color, it says, and again a source is duly cited. Theres more. Pink was one of the official colors for the London 2012 Olympic Games. (Source: Economist) In USA, there is even a day set aside to celebrate the color pink. The National Pink Day falls on June 23 and celebrates the color pink (Source: National Day Calendar) Notice how a lot of cupcake shops use pink in their packaging and branding? Psychologically, the color pink stimulates your sweet tooth and makes you crave for more sweet things (Source: Creative Counseling 101). Notwithstanding the gimmicky marketing of the pink Q5, it is indeed a great entry-level smartphone.