Celebrity Divorce Role Models We Can Learn From

And Helen, 23, looked like she was actually considering the offer, beaming ear-to-ear after handling a couple of bogus calls to perfection. Good telephone manner: Helen Flanagan gets offered a job in the Celebrity Super Spa after impressing on reception She and her partner Sanchez – all the celebs are paired with a trainee – were asked to handle the reception area, and while on duty, salon manager Trisha got a couple of stylists to call up as though they were disgruntled clients. Our fashion week diet: Cara scoffing McDonald’s and Jourdan Dunn eating Nando’s…so how DO models stay thin? The first claimed she had lost all her hair after a trip to the spa, which had Helen gasping. ‘Oh my god, that’s horrendous! I’m so sorry!’, Flanagan said down the phone, promising the caller that she would do everything in her power to rectify the hair nightmare. Tasked: Helen and her partner Sanchez were asked to man the desk as a way to learn more about the salon etiquette Bogus call: Helen’s phone skills were tested when a caller claimed she had lost all her hair After the phone call, Helen questioned the interaction: ‘I don’t know if she was pranking though… I think it was a genuine call.’ And soon enough, Trisha came out and let them know it was fake, but she had passed with flying colours. It makes up for a disappointing first few days for Helen, who arrived late, refused to wear the uniform properly, and cried her eyes. Well-played: Helen handled the call well according to Trisha, the salon manager who was listening in Back, sack and crack: Helen then tackled the hairy rear of a male client for the waxing challenge However, this week, the only people with tears in their eyes were the models volunteering to let the celebrities wax their every orifice. And unluckily for Yvette Fielding, James ‘Arg’ Argent, Rustie Lee, John Burton-Race, Jody Latham and Helen they were challenged by Herbert Howe to perform back, sacks and cracks. But if the humiliation of getting their never-regions waxed wasn’t bad enough, the wheezy cackle of Rustie Lee would certainly tip them over the edge.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson go separate ways

She explained that she and Ryan were fortunate enough to share very similar parenting views. As many of us know, this is a key factor in easing the transition into co-parenting. Im pleased and impressed that Reese has discussed her post-divorce parenting relationship in greater detail than most celebrities. She focuses on issues that are relevant for all parents and co-parenting seems to be working for them. Denise Richards divorce from Charlie Sheen generated considerable tabloid space and continues long after the divorce itself. To her credit she seems to have her priorities in place regarding parenting and has kept Charlie as a loving dad figures in the childrens lives, despite his questionable behavior in 2011. She says its been working for them, especially for the children. We never want to punish them for circumstances out of their control. While celebrities are not the models I would hold up to learn from, what they do and say gets considerable media attention. It especially influences the youth generations who get much of their information about relationships and parenting issues from media sources. So when a celebrity makes statements about putting their childrens needs first when making parenting decisions, we applaud them. We like to hear them discussing parenting issues, discipline strategies, family rules and the values they want to instill upon their children. Of course divorce is far easier when parents are in alignment about basic values and beliefs. Not all of us are blessed with Exes who share the same life principles as we do. Some of us face far more difficult roads to travel in our post-divorce parenting.