Does The United States Have A ‘responsibility To Protect’ The Syrian People?

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More from Outlook William A. Galston and Elaine C. Kamarck And here is how to save the party. One foreign policy doctrine says yes. Gallery Memorable myths of 2013: Fact or fiction? A collection from Outlooks popular Five Myths series. Its hard to see how R2P would not apply in the case of Syria, where more than 100,000 people have been killed, 5million displaced from their homes, 2million refugees sent fleeing and numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity committed, including with chemical weapons , according to independent human rights monitors and the United Nations. A recent study for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum concluded that genocidal violence against Christian, Sunni, Alawite and other groups is possible if the conflict escalates. Yet there is one person who has studiously avoided invoking R2P: President Obama. When making the case for airstrikes, he has stressed the need to enforce the worldwide ban on the use and production of chemical weapons.

United States undecided on seeking new Syria UN vote

A Washington Post vote count showed 223 House members either against or leaning against authorizing the use of military force in Syria. That is more than the 217 needed to block the resolution. There are still large blocs of undecided lawmakers, however, and Mr McDonough said it was “too early to come to any conclusions” about the eventual outcome in Congress. But several lawmakers said the White House was fighting a losing battle. “I just wish the president had laid this out better, I wish he’d quit backing away from his own red line and I wish he was more of a commander in chief than a community organizer,” said Republican Representative Peter King of New York, who said he would vote yes “in spite of the president’s conduct.” The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee said that given the cuts to the military budget in recent years, the added cost of the operation in Syria could hurt military readiness. “If we can fix this, it may help some people in their vote,” Republican Buck McKeon said. Mr McDonough led the administration’s lobbying effort, and it will continue today when Mr Obama sits for six network television interviews and national security adviser Susan Rice speaks on Syria in Washington. More bipartisan briefings are set, and Mr McDonough will meet with Democrats in the House before President Obama caps the push with a national address from the White House on Tuesday night. “Are there consequences for a dictator who would have used those weapons to gas to death hundreds of children? The answer to that question … will be followed closely in Damascus, but will also be followed closely in Tehran, among Lebanese Hezbollah, and others. So this is a very important week,” Mr McDonough said.