Hollywood School Welcomes 19 Students From China

Madonna performs On Stage & Pays Tribute To Michael Jackson In Her ‘Sticky & Sweet’ Tour London Show

At least that’s what sophomore Zeyu Li thinks about her first two weeks of school here in the United States. Li, who also goes by her American name, Unico , is part of Chaminade-Madonna’s International Student Program. In the program’s second year, the Lions have welcomed 14 new students from China and five returning ones. “The skies are more blue here, and the people are more friendly,” Li said. This is her first time studying in the United States, though she’s been here before on trips. “I came here to show more of my abilities,” she said. “Here, I can do more different things that fit my personality.” For example, Li’s already become a member of the science fiction club, several of her fellow international students are going out for the basketball or swim teams, and others are joining the art club or choir. As one of five students in last year’s pilot international program, senior Weishun “Wilson” Lin knows what the school has to offer. “We have a lot more shining students [this year],” he said, “but the classes and school didn’t change a lot.” This year, he’ll be one of four international students to graduate from Chaminade-Madonna. And with a 4.0-plus grade-point average, Lin’s already got college on the brain. “Getting into a good college is the most important thing about being here,” he said. “[As is] learning to be independent.” The program also benefits the local Chaminade students. “Having them here prepares us for once we leave Chaminade,” said senior and student body president Mikaela Sheerin. “It’s such a diverse world out there, and they give us practice with learning about other cultures.” The 19 students from China arrived a week before the new school year, as host families picked them up from the airport. According to a school press release, students were welcomed with an orientation week that included a trip to Aventura Mall and a family bingo night.

Can Madonna’s Comis Win Kennedy in Class A?

”I hope we haven’t gotten to the point where we are so narrow-minded that we think it has to be a triple-A award,” Taylor was saying Tuesday. ”I hope that people consider everything, who they think is the best player in the state of West Virginia regardless of class.” Taylor, you see, has a dog in this fight. The general consensus around the state is that Madonna quarterback-safety Ross Comis is one of the top-5 players out there, yet nearly unanimously is thought to be a long shot to bring home the award because he competes at a Class A school. Don’t worry. It confuses me too. The Kennedy is suspposed to be given to the player adjudged to be the best in the state. No mention, however, of restrictions based on classes. The question we as voters need to ask ourselves, is should a player everyone seems to agree is among the best there is, be punished merely because of the size of the school he represents? If a Class A player is going to pull it off, a plethora of factors have to align just right. First of all, you certainly have to enter the season as a well-known commodity, not just in the area in which you play, but state-wide. Secondly, the schedule had better be as tough as inherently possible. Third, and this goes hand-in-hand with the last part, the team must excel at a high level. It’s also highly beneficial to be seen by a number of different writers.

Its the same venue where Michael was to stage his comeback. During the concert, an impersonator doing Michaels moonwalk hit the stage. Madonna halted the gig halfway through while iconic images of the tragic star flashed up on screens behind her. As the beat to Jacksons classic hit, Billie Jean, was pumped into the arena, one of her dancers, dressed in the King of Pops trademark black and white with a wide-brimmed hat and white gloves, began performing Jacksons most famous moves including moonwalking across the stage. The song turned into a medley with another classic Jackson hit, Wanna Be Startin Something, much to the delight of the London crowd. Madonna told the audience, Lets give it up for one of the greatest artists the world has ever known Michael Jackson! Later in the gig, the lyrics to Jacksons hit track Man In The Mirror were flashed up on screen as Madonna took to the stage wearing a black armband and a single white glove in honor of the late music legend. In an interview before the concert, the star expressed her shock at the sudden passing of her friend and explained her onstage tribute. She says, I am so terribly sad about Michael Jacksons death. I dont know what artist wasnt inspired by him. I chose Billie Jean (to perform at the O2) because its instantly recognizable. Kento, my dancer, was obsessed with Michael all his life. And when Michael was having auditions for his tour, Kento really wanted to go but hed already made a commitment to me. So now hes about to have his moment and be Michael at my show. Heres the video: