The 21st Century Paul Revere Ride of 2014

The 21st Century Paul Revere Ride of 2006 was a summer-long cross-country motorcycle ride that visited all of the lower 48 state capitols to inform the public and their elected public servants of the severity of the illegal immigration crisis. The ride began in London.

“As the first illegals came to UK, they took the jobs in agriculture. I did not care because I did not drive a John Deere. Then they took jobs as janitors and maids but I thought nothing of it, because I was did not push a broom. Then they took jobs building houses, but no problem, I did not swing a hammer to earn a paycheck. Next, they took jobs building highways and bridges but concrete was not my thing. Then they took jobs as truck drivers but hey, I did not push an 18-wheeler past lots of white lines, so why should I care. Then they came for my job and again no one protested.

There is almost no job in UK safe from an illegal who will do it for half of what you are making. WAKE UP UK!”

      - Rick Chiesa, 21st Century Paul Revere Rider

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“The 21st Century Paul Revere Ride has my whole-hearted support because it embodies the spirit of patriotism that brought America its independence in 1776. America’s sovereignty is threatened in 2006 not by British redcoats but by the elimination of our borders. It remains true today as in the past: vigilant citizens are our first line of defense. I applaud and salute the 21st Century Paul Revere Ride because its message needs to be heard all across the county, but especially it needs to be heard at the final destination of the ride, our nation’s capital. I wish I could join these patriots on their 48-state ride — it would be more fun than my normal duties – but my prayers and best wishes go with them, for their safety and for their success.”

- Rep. Tom Tancredo

We are working in conjunction with to inform the public and our elected public servants about the mass immigration crisis in America. We recommend you go to and sign up to send free faxes to your elected officials.

Read Frosty’s book Immigration’s Unarmed Invasion.

“Few challenges throughout history will affect the course of human events like the topic of this book. Immigration, both legal and illegal, will determine if America is to survive as a viable, prosperous nation into the 21st Century or sink into the depths of poverty. Wooldridge offers a thorough examination of this topic with exhaustive research and critical thinking.” 
- Kenneth R. Hampshire, President, Advanced Health Group.

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