Jennifer Aniston Gets ‘dirty’ With Jason Sudeikis


The engaged duo have hightailed it to Los Cabos, Mexico, for a sizzling summer getaway, and, a source tells E! News, it looks like the handsome couple are taking full advantage of the vacay’s luxe offerings and romantic vibe. Not to mention enjoying the company of their travel buddies: Aniston and Theroux are joined on the trip by pal Jason Bateman (who costarred with Aniston in Horrible Bosses) and his wife, Amanda Anka. PHOTO: Jennifer Aniston recycles red bikini in Mexico We’re told that the two couples have rented an oceanfront home on the beach near San Jose Del Cabo, where they kicked back and soaked up the summer sun. “Jennifer and Justin were lying on chaise lounges next to each other and then went swimming together. They were kissing passionately and seemed very much in love,” our source says. Aniston clearly got the royal treatment from her attentive fiance. News “When Jennifer wanted to get out of the water, Justin went and got a towel for her and then held it up for her and wrapped her up,” the eyewitnesses said. “He was doting on her and very chivalrous. They were never far from each other and clearly wanted to spend all of their time together.” PHOTOS: Jennifer Aniston’s best looks At one point, “Jen and Justin swam to the edge of the pool and talked to Amanda and Jason, who were sitting on chairs,” our source adds, noting that “Jennifer spent all day tanning by the pool with Justin, Jason and Amanda.” “Jennifer was sipping on SmartWater and listening to music,” we’re told. “The group had lots to talk about and seemed very relaxed together. Jason and Justin were talking while Jen and Amanda were laughing together. They had a butler coming by and serving drinks.

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“He’s so good and fun, and yet very serious,” Aniston says. “He can get down and dirty. He likes to talk. He’s a good talker. It’s good when men are in touch with their emotional selves and are not inhibited and intimidated to show that.” Sudeikis, 37, draws attention to her unwavering politeness and professionalism. “Jen’s lovely to everybody,” he says. “I felt the same with Will Ferrell. There’s an appreciation of the team and talent that goes into all this stuff. She’s a good barometer of what needs to be better. Your bar is a lot higher. The niceness is all there, but there is also an understanding that it has to be good.” Aniston jokes that the selling point of their film was her aggressively homely mom attire. “Yes, the outfits. And I liked the whole arc of the story. We developed her and gave her a bit more of a story. I love the full circle of how she’s closed off and a little broken down and beaten up.

She doesnt want him anywhere near her man! The report comes from Star magazine, which claims Bivens recently planned to move to the glittery hills of Hollywood to expand her stylist business; however, Jen wasnt entirely thrilled about this idea and decided to take quick action. The insider for Star told the magazine that everyone knows everyone in L.A. and that Jen didnt want to cross paths with her.She felt threatened by the thought of having Heidi in the same city, says theStarsource. She was convinced that Heidi and Justin would reconnect. Honestly, while I love the thought of this much drama flying around between L.A. and NYC, I dont think Jennifer Aniston could give a crap about what Bivens is or isnt planning on doing. Jennifer has mentioned so many times how happy she is with Justin and Justin seems to be happy as well, so it seems people are just trying to start a fire around relationship that is currently fireproof. Now, we dont think Jennifer wouldlove it if Bivens moved in next door, but Jennifer is a smart lady and is well aware of the fact that she doesnt own L.A. If Bivens truly wanted to move to L.A. I dont think Jen would be the one to bar her from entering. What do you think about this story? Do you believe the drama? Think its real? Image credit to FameFlynet blog advertising is good for you More HOT Laundry!