Jennifer Lawrence Or Mila Kunis: Who’s The Better Face Of Dior? (poll)

Either Mila Kunis Is Engaged To Ashton Kutcher, Or No One Told Her That You Can’t Put A Ring On That Finger

Ashton Kutcher’s long-term girlfriend spotted with a gold band on her ring finger PUBLISHED: 01:18 EST, 5 September 2013 | UPDATED: 05:11 EST, 5 September 2013 31 shares comments They’ve been quietly dating for over a year and it looks like Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher may have taken the next step in their romance. The 30-year-old actress was spotted with a simple gold band on her ring finger as she picked up a colourful bouquet of flowers in Studio City, California on Wednesday. The piece of jewellery has sparked rumours the stunning actress is engaged to her That 70s Show co-star. Proposal? Mila Kunis was spotted with a simple gold band on her engagement finger as she stopped to buy some flowers in Studio City, California Making the most of her summer clothes, the Oz: The Great And The Powerful actress displayed her lean legs in a printed blue dress as she stepped out to run errands. And whilst she looked gorgeous in her summery ensemble, it was a ring on her left hand that has sparked speculation. While the simple band doesn’t resemble a typical engagement bling, the placement on the actress’ ring finger will no doubt get fans talking. Flower power! The Oz: The Great and Powerful star shopped for some blooms with a telling ring on her left hand Sunny days: Mila Kunis dresses in her summer clothes as she picked up a colourful bouquet of flowers in Studio City, California on Wednesday The couple have been looking particularly close in recent weeks, enjoying a holiday in China last month. The couple were seen sharing a few special moments as they climbed the Great Wall of China and toured Beijing. Summer time: Mila wore a dress which exposed her bra on the side Mila and the 35-year-old actor obviously wanted to grab some time together while they can as both have a busy few months coming up. After the success of his Steve Jobs biopic, Ashton is preparing to return to filming his show Two And A Half Men, on which he reportedly rakes in $750,000 per episode. Mila meanwhile will most likely be on the promo trail soon herself, as her new movie Third Person premieres this month at the Toronto Film Festival in Canada.

YeahAthatAring finger. The one that says, this lady is about to devote 90% of her time planning a wedding via Pinterest. Or more specifically, Im committing between 1 to 7-or-so years of my life to walking down red carpets withAAshton Kutcher. Although it was only a small gold band, Americas reacting like she emerged from the Atlantic Ocean sporting the Heart of the Ocean. Then again, I suppose it is somewhat of a national holiday when two beautiful people possibly make the decision to possibly procreate and populate the world with more beauty. Someone who is neither Mila or Ashton or their respective reps couldnt help but share this tidbit withAPeople. They are clearly very much in love, in tune with each other and so comfortable, an entertainment source close to Kutcher said. In some ways, its like theyre married already. Theres only one small problem with the whole engagement thing. Ashton Kutcher is, in some ways, married already. Apparently that whole divorce thingy with Demi Moore AisAstill getting figured out. While some might see this as an obstacle getting in the way of true love, I just see it as a rejected TLC show. The last time they let a guy with two wives shock them was, um, oh, I dont know, never. Theyre about to air a special calledAMy Five Wives,Aso it takes a lot more than one not-so-ex-wife to get them all hot and bothered. So with TLC in mind, lets congratulate Mila Kunis on maybe becoming Mrs. Kutcher 2. Or at the very least, congratulate her on trolling the press like a pro. Oh, if I was a celebrity, the rings I would step out in, Athe baby bumps I would buy, the side boob I would flaunt!

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But there’s another face of Dior that we love, too: Mila Kunis. Let’s take a look at both of these gals and their respective Dior shoots. These are all, of course, very different campaigns, though the Dior chain-strap bags each of them are often paired with are similar. Both actresses are stunning in their ad campaigns, and both have a fresh-faced glow to them that Dior seems to highlight in their ads. But what about the differences? Mila has a little more of a modern, high-fashion chic, with bold eyeliner and a flawless ‘do. Her campaign is full of effortless cool, but her poses are a more interactive, as if she’s your hipper best friend. Mila Kunis Named New Face of Dior: Campaign Photos Revealed! View Gallery Our girl J-Law, on the other hand, is on a little more of a pedestal, posed in front of stark backgrounds and rarely looking at the camera. If Mila’s your hip best friend, J-Law is a passing angel in a pea coat. (Or little black dress.) full size Photo: Jennifer Lawrence’s Miss Dior Handbag Campaign Photos They’re both so gorgeous! But if you had to choose, who has been your favorite face of Dior: Mila or Jennifer?