Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel Share Rare Pda At U.s. Open: Picture

The 20/20 Experience

As if he’s not been busy enough filming, he completed his co-headlining North American summer tour – the Legends of the Summer Stadium Tour – last month alongside Jay-Z supporting his March album ‘The 20/20 Experience’ and Jay’s ‘Magna Carta… Holy Grail’. The pair have also collaborated on a handful of tracks recently, including Justin’s US and UK number 3 single ‘Suit & Tie’ and Jay’s hit ‘Holy Grail’. But an ex-boybander turned solo superstar’s work is never done and he will embark on a second tour at the end of October – The 20/20 Experience World Tour – in support of his latest album project. Dates have been announced for the US and Canada stretching through ’til February 2014, but further dates are expected to be announced with UK appearances possibly planned for the upcoming Spring. Justin Timberlake performing at Wireless Festival 2013 Speaking of ‘The 20/20 Experience’, that has to be the biggest triumph in his comeback. The record, which was his first with RCA Records, became an immediate critical and commercial success, topping the charts in both the UK and the US (not to mention several other countries). As well as ‘Suit & Tie’, the album spawned UK number 1 ‘Mirrors’ as well as no less than 9 non-single charting tracks. But the ‘experience’ is not over yet as JT is set to release ‘The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2’ on September 30th which will feature the song ‘Murder’ – another Jay-Z collaboration – and ‘Cabaret’ which sees Justin team up with rapper Drake. The first single from part 2 of the ’20/20′ project was released in July and entitled ‘Take Back the Night’. Justin Timberlake & NSYNC At The 2013 MTV Music Video Awards So, it seems he’s been filling music stores, arenas and cinema screens this year, and where else is left but the TV? This year he appeared on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ everyday for a week in March, where he not only performed some great live sessions, but also took part in some hilarious comedy sketches including dressing up as a boy scout with Jimmy and singing ‘Africa’ by Toto and performing ‘Sexyback’ in a straw hat with Jimmy’s barbershop quartet, The Ragtime Gals. What’s more, due to popular demand, he returned for a second round of the show in August! He also hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ for the fifth time, dressing as a tofu block and doing the vegan Harlem Shake as well as doing an amusing impression of Sir Elton John. Justin was nominated again this year for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series at the Primetime Emmys for SNL, having already previously won four. 2013 also saw him make at least two other high-profile TV performances; first at the 55th Grammy Awards alongside Jay-Z, and also at the MTV Video Music Awards where he himself picked up four prizes including Video of the Year and performed a much-appreciated medley with his old 90s boyband buddies ‘NSync.

Justin Timberlake in The New York Times Style Magazine 2013

Open on Monday, Sept. 9, in New York City’s Flushing, Queens Credit: Uri Schanker/WireImage.com Lovebirds caught in the stands! Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel attended the U.S. Open on Monday, Sept. 9, in New York’s Flushing, Queens, and didn’t mind sharing a very rare PDA moment while taking in a match between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. PHOTOS: Jessica Biel’s red carpet evolution Snuggled up to the “Take Back the Night” singer, Biel, 31, went in for a kiss on the cheek during the men’s singles finals, which Nadal eventually ended up winning. The brunette beauty smooched a smiling Timberlake, 32, as the two tried to keep discreet wearing matching black sunglasses. PHOTOS: Jessica Biel’s hottest, most revealing body moments The sweet PDA moment is an oddity for the couple of nearly six years, who will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary this October . But, perhaps, distance does make the heart grow fonder. The “Total Recall” actress previously watched a game last week without Timberlake, who was promoting his film Runner Runner in London at the time. One week prior, Biel supported Timberlake after nabbing his Video Vanguard Award at Diddy and Jay Z’s VMA after party and the Ciroc Amaretto Launch Event at hotspot PH-D in downtown Manhattan alongside N’ Sync members Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick. “Jessica was amazing. She was having a blast and the guys loved her,” an insider told Us Weekly at the time. PHOTOS: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s romance “It’s nice to marry your best friend. It suits me,” Timberlake told Ellen DeGeneres during a talk show appearance in April 2013.

Fallon had the last laugh, ending the routine with an homage to Timberlakes *NSYNC days. Football fan Jimmy Fallon displayed the diversity of the end zone celebration dance with pal Justin Timberlake on Tuesday night. In the video the ” Evolution of End Zone Dancing , the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon host and his musical friend went through a series of celebratory jigs, which may or may not have been done after scoring a touchdown. While the two did more than a dozen variations, including some traditional boogies like the Touchdown Robot and the Slo-Motion, they also took it places its most certainly never been before. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake perform one of their standout dances from the routine. RELATED: KANYE WEST POKES FUN AT KIM KARDASHIANS EX ON ‘LATE NIGHT’ One standout jig they performed was the Football Spin, which segued (Into the Love Scene from Ghost). The duo also performed the I Thought I Just Saw Aaron Hernandez shuffle when the funny men froze in fear, taking a jab at the former New England Patriot, who was charged with first-degree murder. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake mock the former New England Patriot charged with first-degree murder. They also poked fun at Manti Teo, the former Notre Dame linebacker who said he had no idea that his online girlfriend was a fake and that he was a victim of a hoax. The dance dedicated to him was the Manti Teo On A Date, in which Fallon and Timberlake turned their backs to the crowd and began making out with themselves. But Fallon, 38, proved to have the last laugh, as the performance ended with his homage to Timberlakes days as a boy bander with the Justin Timberlake (from N Sync) dance. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake poke fun at the revelation that former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Teos online girlfriend was a fake. The late-night talk show host jumped up and down, imitating a move from the Bye, Bye, Bye dance routine, but the Take Back the Night singer didnt seem to appreciate being the punchline. Timberlake, 32, shoved Fallon before storming off the stage, only to quickly return and finish with a version of *NSYNCs puppeteer dance.

Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake perform ‘Evolution of End Zone Dancing’ to kick off football season

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake mock the former New England Patriot charged with first-degree murder.

Earlier this year, Justin returned to the music scene with the release of The 20/20 Experience and the Legends of the Summer tour with Jay Z, and he’s now preparing for the Sept. 30 release of The 20/20 Experience Part 2. Meanwhile, he also appears in two movies this year Runner, Runner opposite Ben Affleck and Inside Llewyn Davis , where he plays a ’60s musician. Most recently, Justin’s career came full circle with his VMAs performance , which featured a reunion with his former boy band, *NSYNC, and a medley of hits from his solo albums. In the midst of his busy year, Justin sat down with T and opened up about the industry, the new album, performing, how he feels about dubstep, and more: On growing up in the industry: “I’m 32. I know that I’m still young, but I’ve been in this business two-thirds of my life and you just learn that some things are accepted the way you hope and some aren’t.” On his 2013 return to music: “If you can answer the question of why you’re doing it, it’s the right thing to do. To answer the question ‘Why?’ for the first time in my career, is: because I wanted to.” On the release of The 20/20 Experience: “You get to this point, which I’ve done in the last five or six years, where you become less worried about success and failure.” On The 20/20 Experience Part 1 compared to Part 2: “If you could imagine you’re 16 and she’s everything you thought. She’s Marilyn Monroe and then you meet her older sister; everything that’s dark and wrong about her at that age is why you become infatuated with her.” On living in the gray area: “I’m sure there’s some self-help cheese-ball book about the gray area, but I’ve been having this conversation with my friends who are all about the same age and I’m saying, ‘Y’know, life doesn’t happen in black and white.’ The gray area is where you become an adult . . . the medium temperature, the gray area, the place between black and white. That’s the place where life happens.” Keep reading for more quotes from Justin. On music at the end of the last decade: “All of the soul of it was removed. It was made for whatever the trending medium was .