Marcophiles: Marco Movies – Coming Attractions, Inside And Out

EDT, September 18, 2013 Movies at the Mill is back this Saturday night, minus the mill. The fifth installment of the Easton film festival trades the hard angles and brick facades of the industrial ruins of the Simon Silk Mill for the lush green scenery of Hugh Moore Park but the show goes on. With the defunct mill under construction for the Silk development, a temporary new home for Movies at the Mill was needed. Easton Mayor Sal Panto Jr. said Hugh Moore Park, a large chain of islands and riverbank green spaces along the Lehigh River, fit the bill. The park’s main island, near the 25th Street exit of Route 22, offers ample parking, a tree-lined boulevard, and large open spaces. The shows kick off at 6 p.m. and run until 10 p.m. Films include “Quick Shop” by Martin Binder, “Lighthouse Lady” by WFMZ’s Jaccii Farris and Amy Unger, and four other shorts. The latest on traffic, delays and road construction delivered to your mobile phone. Click to sign up to receive text alerts! The event also features glorious food. Vendors from the city, including Ocean, Maxim’s 22, the Carmelcorn Shop and Pearly Baker’s Ale House will whip up such edibles as grilled chipotle sweet potato tamales, BBQ short rib nachos, and duck confit.

But when Campo lets his geek side loose on the technical makeover, Marco Movies will light up the plaza inside and out. We asked Nick to explain it all to us earthlings. We started last year with all digital projection and sound, 3-D, and such, and now the project continues with a multi-media center in the front of the facility. It has to do with raspberry pies. (What?) Its not pies, p-i-e-s. Its Pi, a small, $35 computer, a microcomputer. I have it hooked up to my monitor here and I have a special program running on it where it will have one screen with trailers (previews of coming attractions) on it all the time. Ive been making long movies of trailers, taking them off of YouTube, downloading them, putting them through iMovie, making one large movie and then we are looping that to play the trailers over and over. Well have six of these computer programs outside, where people wait in line or walk by for information. Out there were building a whole new front, including six TVs behind glass. Four of them are thirty-two inch sets, straight up and down, in portrait mode or format, with the posters. They will be interspersed with information, descriptions, the actors in the films. Its like a small slide show, with the information, then the poster, description, the poster again, repeating all day long.