Miley Cyrus, Kanye West Collaboration On ‘black Skinhead’ Is True, Says Producer Mike Will Made It

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by Cinya Burton Today 11:20 AM PDT Loading… As if Miley Cyrus hasn’t garnered enough attention this week for her naked “Wrecking Ball” music video, now she’s going to get a whole heck of a lot more. Why? The singer’s got a new ‘do! Not to worry, guys, she’s still rocking her iconic short styledespite saying she is indeed growing it out . But gone is that bright blond hue. It’s now replaced with dark brunette shade. NEWS: Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” video breaks record! The transformation seemly occurred overnight as just yesterday the pop star still had her golden crop. Yet in a new video captured by fans in Paris, Miley’s slicked back hair is clearly a brown color. Considering she just tweeted that “3 hours of sleep really isn’t enough” it is likely the dye job could have literally taken place last night. Who knows if this new hue will be the final shade. It could just another look in Miley’s ever-evolving style!

The 20-year-old singer reportedly snuck out of the VMAs early to hit the recording studio with Kanye West , and now We Cant Stop producer Mike WiLL Made It has confirmed the collaboration. We went to the studio with Kanye, so we went right back to work, he told MTVs RapFix Live . We watched the VMAs a little bit, but we went straight to the studio. The duo was said to be working on a remix for Wests lead single from his Yeezus album, Black Skinhead, which Mike WiLL also confirmed. PHOTOS: SEXIEST STAGE OUTFITS OF ALL TIME We are working on that. Its about done, he told host Sway Calloway. Were just touching the beat up a little bit. Its about done; its about there. Its sounding crazy too. Whats even crazier is what Cyrus could potentially add to the 36-year-old rappers song, which already includes lyrics like They see a black man with a white woman/ At the top floor they gone come to kill King Kong/ Middle America packed in/ Came to see me in my black skin. One can only wonder whether she is singing on the remix or rapping, as she recently dropped a verse on Mike WiLLs track 23. Cyrus new album, BANGERZ, due Oct. 4, also features several hip-hop artists, like Big Sean, French Montana, Ludacris, and Nelly. PHOTOS: MILEY CYRUS’ MOST ATTENTION-SEEKING MOMENTS EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images We Cant Stop producer Mike WiLL Made It arrived at the VMAs with Cyrus and confirmed she did in fact head straight to work with Kanye West after the show. We watched the VMAs a little bit, but we went straight to the studio, he said. While some have criticized the Wrecking Ball singer for trying to gain street cred, others have even said shes trying to be black. The criticism started after Cyrus reportedly told sibling songwriting duo Timothy and Theron Thomas that she wanted a more urban sound when they were penning We Cant Stop. I just want something that just feels black, she reportedly said. In an open letter from June, The Huffington Post s Ernest Owens wrote to Cyrus, To take it a step further, you express what feels black in the music video to the song as a portrayal of you twerking with a group of black women enticing you on. PHOTOS: CHILD STAR MELTDOWNS Shortly after Cyrus controversial VMA performance, The Root s Demetria L. Lucas wrote, Cyrus can surround herself with a thousand big-bootied black women onstage or use a million more, essentially as props, in her videos to achieve some disillusioned version of street cred, but that doesnt make what shes doing anything close to authentically black. Still, West is supposedly supportive of her wild antics, especially the VMAs performance.

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