Qb Watch: Jets’ Geno Smith

Damon?) Smith might also want to recalibrate the way he sells his projects, a full-court press that is high-volume, in both senses of the word. Smith engages talk-show hosts with an intensity that leaves no doubt that I. AM. SO. HAPPY. TO. BE. HERE! Hes not jumping on sofas, but for a guy who conveys cool on screen, his talk-show self can sometimes come off as a little too eager to please. Not every plugfest needs to feature a Fresh Prince singalong after all. After Earth was envisioned as a potential trilogy, but unless foreign audiences defy the critics and flock to theaters when it opens abroad this weekend, it is likely one-and-done. In a way, this might be healthy for both Will and Jaden, who is in a no-win situation, especially in a movie like After Earth where hes essentially being tasked with playing the Will Smith character. (You think Frank Sinatra Jr. liked singing duets with his dad?) Jaden and daughter Willow will never receive proper credit for being excellent in their fathers projects, but they will certainly be tainted with an unfair share of the blame when things go awry, like it did here. Relying on past performance is a safe strategy for you and your 401K, but for an artist, it can be awfully restrictive and ultimately destructive. Sometimes an artist needs to do something that defies the numbers and conventional wisdom.

But that’s never good enough to beat a team like the Patriots. Eventually, Smith cracked, throwing three interceptions in the fourth quarter. We predicted at least two turnovers — an interceptions and a strip sack. He avoided the latter. Hey, it’s a baby step. Smith Fast-forward: The Bills employ a pressure-based scheme, designed to confuse quarterbacks with exotic blitzes and ever-changing fronts. The good news is that Smith already has been exposed to this style of defense — a lot. It’s a Rex Ryan-style defense, coached in Buffalo by former Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine, who learned it from the master. This doesn’t mean Smith will have an answer for everything Pettine throws at him, but at least it won’t be foreign to him. Avoid the funk: We’ve detected an early trend with Smith: He tends to make his mistakes in bunches. In Week 1, he had two turnovers and two sacks in the second quarter. In Week 2, he hit the wall in the fourth quarter, with the three interceptions. Every quarterback makes mistakes. The hallmark of an elite quarterback is the ability to forget and look forward. Smith’s early track record suggests he’s struggling with that aspect of his game.