Wait A Sec, The Four Seasons Has A Food Truck?!?

10 tips for dealing with food allergies in a restaurant

The goal is to ensure that while you have a safety net you shouldnt be giving welfare benefits to people who are able-bodied and capable of getting a job who just choose to continue to get food stamps when they can actually go and work. Spending on domestic nutrition assistance programs would reach $764 billion over 10 years if current policies continue, according to a June report on farm bill spending from the Congressional Research Service . The report cites the non-partisan CBO, which gauges the cost of legislation for U.S. lawmakers. The CBO hasnt publicly released an estimate for the food-aid bill. End Benefits The food-assistance bill would end benefits to as many as 6 million low-income people, according to an August report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities , a Washington-based group that studies the governments impact on low- and moderate-income families. The group wrote that it relied on reports and public comments from Republicans describing the measure. The bills text hasnt been released. The increased demand on already-strained local services and charities would be substantial – either displacing support for other needy residents, such as seniors and low-income working families, or leaving those cut off without sufficient food, the group wrote in its report. The cuts in the food stamp bill are expected to be roughly double what House lawmakers considered earlier this year. House Republicans sought to cut $20.5 billion over 10 years from nutrition programs including food stamps in H.R. 1947.

Southern sandwiches, fried pies at new Roadside Eats in Hollywood

11, Santa Monica Food Truck Alley on Oct. 12 and the Beverly Hills Farmers Market on Oct. 13. The menu will consist of beef hearts, aji huancaina, ahi tuna, grilled octopus, beef and carrot cromesqui, steak salad, salmon salad, chocolate Rodeo Cronets and more. Chef Ashley James will create offerings when the Four Seasons L.A. at Beverly Hills takes over the truck with stops at Sony Studios on Oct. 14, the Pacific Design Center on Oct. 15, and the Red Bull headquarters in Santa Monica on Oct. 16. James will prepare kalbi, or short rib, quesadillas with Oaxaca cheese, shrimp tostadas with chipotle remoulade, traditional tres leche cake with Mexican chocolate ice cream, as well as traditional British fish and chips and Argentine empanadas. Prices will range from $4 to $12. A portion of the proceeds from the tour will be donated to Chefs to End Hunger, a charity that redistributes excess food from hotels and restaurants. You can follow the truck tour at Taste by Four Seasons , @ FSLosAngeles , @BeverlyWilshire @ ChefAshleyJames , or by searching #FSTasteTruck on Twitter , Instagram and Facebook .

3. Be a label detective: Remember, even prudent manufacturers may change the ingredients in a packaged food product, so stay vigilant. 4. Get medicated: Always carry your prescribed epinephrine auto-injector, and at least two doses with a written action plan with you at all times. 5. Decontaminate: Be aware of possible cross contamination of cooking surfaces, utensils and even eating surfaces. 6. Rate your risk: Be aware of high-risk cuisines including bakeries, dessert or ice cream shops and Mexican or Asian cuisine — where exposure to peanut and nut allergens is more likely. 7. Wipe it off! Some individual families may carry disposable wipes to decontaminate a table area before dining in the hopes of removing residual protein residue. 8. Get educated: Teach your family and friends about the food allergy in question and get them on board to never make suspect foods immediately available, especially for food-allergic children. At home, kitchen magnets and/or signs can serve as a reminder for friends and guests, too.