Watch Kim Kardashian’s Edgy Karl Lagerfeld Photo Shoot [video]

But her baby bump is the focus of the avant-garde spread inside the mag. It’s no secret her baby daddy Kanye West has had her experiment with high fashion since they’ve been together, but here we see Kardashian embracing her pregnancy and the sartorial world in a very different way. She’s still the sultry sex kitten that made her famous; however, she pretty much allows herself to be a puppet in Lagerfeld’s vision. The art was directed by Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci. You’ll recall, Tisci is a good friend of West’s and dressed Kardashian in a finger-covering floral gown at this year’s Met Gala. Apparently he’s the one who suggested Roitfeld use Kardashian as the cover girl. PHOTOS: Meet the Kardashians “Pregnancy is something that I always love. It’s about hope and the future and a new baby,” said Carine Roitfeld ( via E!), who started the high-fashion codex. “This is not something for a gossip magazine that goes into the trash,” she asserted. “This is a magazine that is a collector’s item.” One photo shows Kardashian dressed up a la “Gossip Girl’s” Upper Eastsider in a vintage Chanel jacket and Ann Demeulemeester dress. She stares vacantly through the fourth wall with “jelly” smudged all over her mouth. It’s not really jelly, it’s a few different shades of Chanel rouge. In another, she wears a half-zipped jumpsuit by Comme de Garcons that exposes her belly, and conceals her breasts with a black Cadolle bra. She wears pink gloves by Agnelle and shoes by Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci. Another spread has the words “Miss USA” overlaid on a black-and-white beauty shot, and beside it, her face is completely covered with a decadent crystal mask by Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal.

Kim Kardashian and Baby North Joining Kanye West on Yeezus Concert Tour!

by Brett Malec Today 11:00 AM PDT Loading… Kim Kardashian and baby daughter North West are going on the road with Kanye West ! The new mom and their almost 3-month-old little girl will be in attendance at a handful of the rapper’s upcoming concerts during his new Yeezus tour, a source reveals to E! News exclusively. “Kim is definitely coming to at least several of Kanye’s tour dates,” an insider tells E! News. “And she’s going to bring Nori. She’s really looking forward to it.” “She’s not going to be touring with him full time, though,” the source added. “That would be too much for her and the baby. Also, she’s most likely going to be filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians and will have to be in L.A. for a certain amount of time during that period.” PICS: Stars congratulate Kim & Kanye’s baby Nori Kanye announced last week that he is embarking on a 23-city, 7-week North American tour, which will kick off on Saturday, Oct. 19, in Seattle. Tickets will go on sale on Friday, Sept. 13.

For starters, she spent nine months in her mother’s womb, as did I. She breathes in oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide just like I do! Her mother has — oops, make that HAD a talk show — and, oh wait, I don’t think my mom did have a talk show now that I think about it. But, we both have moms, and that’s what counts. Check this out, we have both been married and divorced. We both had fairy tale weddings; hers took place at a sprawling estate in California, and mine at the Unitarian Church across the street from Krogers on Brownsboro Road in Louisville, Kentucky. She had a guest list of 400, I had a guest list of 15 — including the photographer, who insisted on being in the count for a dinner plate. Still, we each had guests at our wedding. Unfortunately, we both faced the devastating blow of divorce; mine after 24 years and hers after 72 days. We both handled it with class and dignity, she by keeping it to a private mediation and not allowing any filming of her reality show during those sessions and me by curling up in bed entombed in a blue Snugli and eating Captain Crunch out of a box for roughly 30 days. Like Kim, I also declined interviews, other than when the police came to my home and asked if I had a permit for the racks of used men’s clothing and shoes I had placed on my front lawn. Yes, we both know the pain of public scrutiny. Kim and I both have Twitter accounts. I found that a lot of our tweets are similar! For instance: Kim: Obsessed with my quick fix essential!

Kim Kardashian Is Normal Like Me

Also PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West The photos are eerie, dramatic, epic, baroque, bizarre and even sideways, as seen in the behind-the-scenes video posted Monday on the magazine’s blog and YouTube channel. Kardashian posted the video on her blog too, letting it speak for itself. “Karl Lagerfeld Ricardo Tisci & Kim Kardashian,” the video title asserts. “Paris, May 22, 2013. The day before Kim Kardashian eight months pregnant is allowed to fly back to L.A.” Allowed? Yeah, we’re still puzzling over that one too. We do know that Kardashian jaunted over to the City of Light in May for a final pre-baby vacation with momager Kris Jenner. Jenner pops up in the video chatting with the 80-year-old designer. PHOTOS: Meet the Kardashians and their extended family The short film’s operatic music says it all: This collaboration is an intersection of historic proportions lofty sartorialism meets reality TV, or a sex-tape star. However you want to put it. The monumental pairing of Lagerfeld and Kardashian is exactly that. Kardashian is groomed, concealed behind an embellished Martin Margiela mask, critiqued, shot, primped and shown putting on her golden grill, featured on the magazine’s cover . “OMG the COVER of Carine Roitfeld’s crfashionbook #issue3!!!” the new mom wrote last week, sharing a picture of herself on the cover. “Shot by @karllagerfeld! Thank you @riccardotisci17 #Fam #ThisIsCrazy!!!!!

Kim Kardashian shows off new iPhone 5S ahead of official release

West has revealed he’s interested in a tech venture, even calling himself a sort of Steve Jobs, while Kardashian has recently spent time with Instagram founder Kevin Systrom.

By Chiderah Monde / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Tuesday, September 10, 2013, 8:58 AM Comment ScottDisick via Keek Kim Kardashian has apparently gottten her hands on the newest model of the iPhone, the 5S, a week before its rumored release. Kim Kardashian is keeping up with the latest tech trends. The reality starwho has already made it clear she’s got friends in high-tech placesposted a blurry Instagram photo of herself holding what appears to be Apple’s newest phone model, the iPhone 5S. ScottDisick via Keek Scott Disick posts a Keek video of him and Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian singing along in a car while Kim holds on to her new phone. In addition, Scott Disick posted a sing-along Keek video featuring the Kardashian sisters, in which Kim appears to be holding the new iPhone. kimkardashian via Instagram Kim Kardashian posted a teasing photo to Instagram with the newest model of the iPhone, the 5S, which she intentionally blurred out. For the rest of us, that model isn’t available anywhere yet. RELATED: KIM KARDASHIAN HANGS OUT WITH INSTAGRAM CREATOR KEVIN SYSTROM @kanyewest via Twitter ‘One of the other gifts my girl gave me for fathers day ‘ West tweeted. Kardashian gave her beau a pair of Apple mouses signed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, which Woz reportedly hand delivered. Clearly, Kardashian, 32, has benefitted from her beau Kanye West’s budding friendship with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. In the snapshot Kardashian stares seductively into a mirror holding a sleek dark gray-and-black phone. She simply captions it “selfie.” Eric Ryan/Getty Images West has revealed hes interested in a tech venture, even calling himself a sort of Steve Jobs, while Kardashian has recently spent time with Instagram founder Kevin Systrom. RELATED: STEVE WOZNIAKS LOS GATOS HOME FOR SALE For Father’s Day Kardashian reportedly asked Wozniak to hand-deliver a vintage Apple computer mouse, signed by West’s innovative idol Steve Jobs before his death in 2011. The rapper has previously likened himself to being the “Steve Jobs of Internet, fashion and culture,” and has expressed interest in venturing into the tech business in the future.